How many entertainers do you have?

S4 has over 45 qualified and experienced  MCs and DJs. 

Each MC has at least 5 years of experience as an entertainer.

Do you have ethnic music?

Our music library consists of popular and traditional music from many cultures including Italian, Portuguese, Greek, and Spanish. Any specific cultural music must be provided by the client no later than 10 days before your event. Our music department can provide more information regarding our requirements.


Do you have multilingual MC’s?

We do have MCs who speak two or more languages (Italian, Greek, Portuguese, French, Spanish, and even a little Cantonese!). Please let your sales person know as a reservation fee will be required.

Will you take care of any cultural requirements we may have?

Yes, however this should be specified during the booking consultation.


Can we see our MC Entertainer in action?

We would be happy to provide you with references from former clients. We do have demos of some of our Entertainers in action. Ask your sales representative for further information.

Can we request a specific MC?

Yes, contact your sales representative with the name of the MC requested as a reservation fee may be required.

What is the role of the MC?

Your S4 MC interacts with your guests and is responsible for making sure everyone has a great time. The MC executes your agenda and ensures the flow of your night is smooth and flawless. He will take care of all the formalities throughout the night i.e. Upbeat introductions, centerpiece giveaway, kissing game, etc… Your MC will also act as liaison with the venue staff and all your other vendors to ensure everyone is working together and following the agenda.

What is the role of the DJ?

The DJ is under the instruction of the MC. He is responsible for playing the music and reading and reacting to the energy of your guests. The DJ is not responsible for making any announcements or interacting with your guests (that is the role of the MC).

Can we use our family/friend MC?

Of course! However, we still recommend you hire an S4 MC as its best to have a professional there who is aware of how the venue and other vendors work and can make sure the agenda is executed properly.

What is the role of the technician?

S4 technician(s) work behind the scenes and are responsible for all of the equipment and executing the special effects secured in your contract.

How will our wedding planner work with our MC?

Our MCs are professionals and will coordinate with your planner to ensure everyone works together to execute your wedding vision the way you would like!

We have outsourced a Band, how will they patch into your sound system?

The hired Band must call S4 to discuss their patch- in requirements. Our Operations department can answer any questions regarding this issue. (refer to the patch-in requirement sign off form)

When do we meet with our MC to discuss our agenda?

Our talent director will email you to introduce you to your MC. 

When will I know who has been assigned as my MC?

Your MC will be assigned at least one month prior to your event.

How will the DJ know what to play?

The DJ will play to the crowd and follow what is on the must play list!!

When is our agenda due?

Once all of your special songs have been finalized, please submit your agenda to: no later than 10 daysbefore the Event. If your agenda is not submitted within this time frame, S4 will not be responsible if your specific music requests cannot be met. Minor agenda changes that are not music related can be communicated with your MC or DJ the day of your event.

Should we bring a copy of our agenda to our agenda meeting?

Absolutely! To ensure your meeting will be as productive as possible a hard copy must be brought to the meeting and an email copy sent to the Event Detailer. Any changes or suggestions can be made at the time of your agenda meeting.

We are not sure which songs to choose for our introductions, garter, bouquet, etc…can we leave that up to the DJ to decide?

Yes, let S4 select what works!!

Do we pick our own Intro Music?

This is entirely up to you!! S4 can choose appropriate upbeat music or you can choose your own.

What if we have outsourced live acts for our event?

If you have ordered any Live Acts, for example: Samba Dancers, Percussionist etc. either through S4 or you have outsourced them yourself please indicate that on your agenda and include the time of the performance.

We have certain music that we need you to play at the event, is that possible?

Yes, please ensure this has been submitted to our office at least 10 days prior to your event to test quality and compatibility. To be provided on USB key saved as mp3, wav or m4a (iTunes format)

Can we bring an IPod for our performers?

Yes, but we need to know ahead of time so we can prepare the proper hook up connections.

Where will you test our Media?

At our office during business hours (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm) or at your venue. Please make arrangements with

We are draping the entire room and would like the lighting to project from behind the draping. How much set up time would this require?

At least 45 minutes to 1hr is required for this setup. Please be advised there must be one foot of space between the wall and the draping in order to hide the fixtures and wires.